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Finally has internet at her apartment! *cries tears of joy* I can RP again now!

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To those that RP with me…I don’t have internet installed in my apartment yet. I’ve only been able to get on during breaks at work on my laptop :(

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August. 03. 2012. 05:16 pm

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Hey sis! How ya doin?

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War Greymon n Taichi by =Tai-Rayana


War Greymon n Taichi by =Tai-Rayana

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August. 03. 2012. 05:13 pm

((Anyone up for an RP?))

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The grin on Beelzemon’s face widened as the demon watched  Taichi figure it out. Beelzemon picked away at little things like that- it made him amused, watching humans drive themselves into a frenzy over little insults.

“Oh, ow, ‘m so hurt,” he replied in an overly sarcastic manner at the Digidestined’s half-baked insults before grinning again. “Ya don’ got a real mean spirit, do ya? Tha’s why ya can’t think up a good insult, isn’t it~?” he cackled. “Poor li’l Bird’s Nest~”

“I’unno, ya all look th’ same t’ me— and pfft, yeah you wish.”

“I can be mean, when I want to,” Taichi grumbled. No, I really can’t…he thought to himself. Getting angry (something he did plenty of) and being mean were too entirely different things.

“My hair is not a Bird’s Nest,” he snapped. “It takes a lot of loving care to get it this way and it’s rather difficult. At least I don’t have a cheap dye job like you,” he said, indicating Beelzemon’s blonde hair. He wasn’t sure if it was dyed, but hey…it was an insult.

“I don’t wish…I know.”

“Sure ya can. An’ I dress up as a clown,” came the sarcastic retort as he glared at the human. Still, it was amusing seeing him sulk just for the demon calling him out on his bullshit. And it lifted his mood a little. 

“Act’lly, it is— think ya got a featha’ or two in th’ back,” he pointed out, trying not to grin anymore. If he could convince Taichi he was serious, then Beelzemon would have even more fun. “Psh, tha’ actually had a tiny bit ‘a bite t’ it. Still, don’ think dye works on Digimon, tho’,” he snickered. 

“Oh, really? Prove it.”

Taichi crossed his arms over his chest. He was trying to not let this Digimon get the best of him, but…well…he was Taichi.

He resisted the urge to look over his shoulder at his back, knowing that that would just add fuel to the Digimon’s fire. He may have been a little dense and slow but he wasn’t naive. “I’d love to see whether or not dye works on you. Be brave; who knows? Maybe we could start maketing hair products to you guys.” He tilted his head slightly, studying Beelzemon. “I’m thinking hot pink would look great with your getup.”

He let out a snort. “I don’t have to prove anything. It’s not my fault you’re not in the Goggleloop, so to speak.”

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July. 26. 2012. 02:42 pm

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Hey Sora! How are you?